in the beginning, it was fun
a cool new thing
i was excited to get started

that last cool new thing left much to be desired
i suppose it would have been better if i had put more into it
but that would have required more than i was willing to give
i guess that’s kinda the point

anyway… this cool new thing was way better
and so much easier
i could tell right away it had great potential
so i went all in

a whole lot of other people did too

since i had experience with that last cool new thing
and the thing before that
and the thing before that
i didn’t fall into the usual traps most newbies do

but i was still trapped

i didn’t care though
after all, it was fun
and as more and more people started doing it
it got even funner

funny… i can’t remember now
when it stopped being so fun

of course it would be easy to blame that on all the cool new things that came next
and the fact that most of those cool new things quickly became identified with things i had no desire to be part of or perhaps i was just so trapped in this thing that was still getting bigger and bigger (albeit not necessarily cooler) and as it got bigger it was also getting more and more able to show me things i still thought were cool and even convinced me for a while that i might get something out of it that would make my life cooler than i had ever before thought possible

for a while

it’s not even a little fun now
but i’m still using it
and although i can see a time when i might stop altogether
i don’t really want to yet

almost everyone i care about uses it now
one way or another
perhaps everyone i care about

but mostly…
my sweetheart and i still need it
and that’s cool

for now


My Sweetheart knows
oh yes… she knows