It would seem to me to be obvious at this point, to mention the fact that I really don’t know what I’m doing here.

By what I’m doing here, I suppose I could mean anything and everything including my overall place in the universe but at the moment I’m referring specifically to this process of writing what I have titled above as…

The Book of Brian

As the focus of my artistic expression transitions from singer/songwriter/entertainer to…
to whatever this part of me is morphing into, I am immediately struck by what I can only describe as waves of confusion alternating with a kind of creeping self-doubt and fear.

It’s really quite exhilarating!

See… I can’t help myself now. My love compels me. It drives me, happily, to a place that many might see as the kind of naïveté one would usually associate with childish innocence.

A childishness I’m choosing to embrace.

Since I have almost no experience as a studied and/or formally educated writer, my forays into this most daunting medium have so far been quite sporadic as anyone who might be reading this can easily see. A random perusal of the contents of this blog will quickly reveal my demonstrable lack of commitment to form.

Song lyrics, attempts at poetry and story-telling, have all been posted to this site over the last few years as I tried to find my way into a new identity as a writer. I’m not saying that it has all been a waste of time and effort, oh no. I am glad to have done this initial work, this practice of sorts. And what I write now (and subsequently) may very well end up being no better or worse than all that I’ve written before.

No matter.

I guess what I’m doing with this particular piece, is to call attention (to myself at least) to the fact that I’m intending to put more effort towards trying to articulate my thoughts in the form of a narrative rather than with poetry and songs or stories. I’ve never done this with any seriousness or specific intentionality before so…

Thus the trepidation.

Thanks for reading.



My Sweetheart will know very soon.