Life is real hard for a whole lotta folks in this world man. Sucks big time. Global apocalypse kinda shit. At the same time, many of us are so damn lucky we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. We got a job, a safe place to sleep, and every morning we get up to face our biggest challenge of the day having something to do with whatever is trending online.

Most of us would like to be able to make things better of course, but we get easily overwhelmed by the epic proportions of all we see that’s fucked up. And since nearly all of us hold in our hands (constantly) this technological wonder that seems to magically connect us to what we have come to believe to be both the repository of all human knowledge and a window into everything that’s happening on the entire planet, our response to all that fucked-up-ness is to either shut down, freak out or pretend we have all the answers.

This book is not intended to advocate for any of those things.
This book is not intended to suggest an alternative to any of those things.
This book is intended to take a hard, naked look at all of those things

And more.

In the pages to follow, we shall tell it like it is. Dude. We shall dare to expose the soft underbelly, deign to go where such exposures might lead, and delight in all we shall undoubtedly learn there. There is so much to learn and only one way to begin.

So let us do just that.


My Sweetheart knew this before I did.