6:59 am.
The other early birds are already awake as we all anticipate the new year’s ever lengthening of days.
The morning glow continues to expand.
I exchange sweetheart-filled greetings as I type, diverting attention only to look around in awe.
My life, my love…
Innumerable blessings.

I check the media for the few seconds it takes to be reminded of why I do what I do in that space.
Happy enough to see a positive message this time.
Even if it’s an old one that’s been bandied about for years.
I feel the gears of my internal judgement machine turning ever so slightly forward.
I scroll a few seconds more, check my notifications and close the window.

What life has become in this world of immediacy…

7:59 am
Sitting with my indecision now, after deleting what I just wrote.
I’m again jolted by my internal judgement machine.
This time directed back upon me.

A new message stirs from my privileged stomach.