7:11 am
The sleep report on my CPAP machine shows me a red, sad face.
Apparently, my nose pillow didn’t have a proper seal.
It also shows only five minutes of usage hours so…

Am I still dreaming?

I woke up with Hotel California playing loudly in my head
and visions of random buildings and other structures being obliterated by some unknown, unseen force.
They blew apart as if from an explosion.
Each particle, every sliver
moving away from the central frame
In slow motion.
Synchronized with the music.

To the refrain
ridiculously repeated over and over and over again (with the wrong lyrics)

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lonely place (such a lonely face)
A biddy de boom at de Hotel California
Any kind of beer
Valentine’s is near

Were those the words I heard?
Nahh… I’m just making this up from my conscious mind now that I’m awake.

7:31 am
The repetitive chirping bird just outside my window brings forth random thoughts as…
The drone of an early, small plane overhead fades
the birds return
My sweetheart may be getting ready for lunch by now
unless she is too busy to do anything other than eat from her desk
I’ll text her some morning smoochy emojis

I love her so very much
She’s gonna love what I sent her for Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, we were talking about the photo I’d just posted to Instagram
I took it during my walk on Kailua Beach
There was a couple in the background that I had intentionally put there
It was the reason for the photo
I asked her if she could see what they were doing
I love that it took a little prompting for her to get it
She does not have that now-so-very-recognizable social posture
burned into her head like I imagine so many must now do

Perhaps the young man with whom I shared my blog’s address at the Down to Earth yesterday
will see it right away
If he sees this
He will now know how truly random my posts can be


Alive and…