6:26 am
I awake with a haunting tune that’s been in my head for days now.
Over and over, it comes at random from time to time.
Not the lyrics (although I find them interesting) it’s the melody… the rhythmic drone.
Eye in the Sky (Allan Parson’s Project 1982)

The silence of the pre-dawn here in the jungle, adds to its mystery.
My mind is hyper-aware of my body.
My skin, my hair… my mouth.
Dang! I went to bed without brushing my teeth last night.
That almost never happens, that WOULD NEVER happen if my sweetheart were here.
I miss her so much.


6:49 am
I return to continue after getting up to brush me teeth.
I prefer quenching my morning mouth with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice but I’m out of grapefruits.
And this was an emergency.
Got to go to Costco today.

That lone thrush of the early morning (that I first heard on my way to the bathroom) is now joined by other birds.
That slowly building, morning jungle symphony.
Once again.

Changing the text I’d just written above as to the title of that song (after doing a quick check online)
I keep thinking its called I Can Read Your Mind.
I think I’ll try and learn to play this on the Ukulele later.
It may (or may not) work.
I’m usually a word guy but I hardly have these lyrics in my head at all.
It’s that tune.
And the way it’s sung.
The drone of the voice is all I hear.
Da, da…
Da da, da
Da da da…

I upload the photo I took of the dawning sky (as I heard that first thrush) and put it up as the featured image for this post.
Throwing open the curtains, the morning light now spills into my room.
Almost overwhelming the glow from my huge monitor.

7:22 am
I turn my huge monitor back on after enjoying a quick, mediative moment (or two, or three… ) in the morning light without it on.
The clear, much louder voice of a bird just outside my window, tells me it’s time to go down for breakfast soon.
I can’t wait to have my sweetheart here.