I guess I was done.

I could feel the blood rise
as I bent over into my version of Bālāsana pose.

It began to flow.
Trailing a few drops onto one of the hexagonal stones of the morning meditation space.
My reflexively rising hand caught the rest on my finger.
I cleaned it with my tongue.

I guess I was done.


Random, minor nose-bleeding has become part of my reality now.
Whether it’s due to my blood-thinning medication
or just getting old

Or something else.

It’s just the way it is.
I bleed more now.

I’m ok with this
But it’s a bit annoying at times.

Like when I’m bending over
to secure wheelchairs at work
or just to pick something up.

It’s especially annoying when I’m getting ready for bed.
I need clear sinuses so I can breath through the CPAP machine.


The other day, a younger friend of mine saw a streak of blood on my face and freaked out a little when I mentioned that I get occasional, random nose-bleeds.

Yea, yea I’ll mention it to my doctor.
I’m ok with that too.

After the cellulitis
the heart attack
the cancer…

I’m ok with the whole thing.

What I’m NOT ok with is when my sweetheart has a few minutes to call
and this new fangled technology thing we
so depend upon to work perfectly on demand…

Does NOT do

Yea, yea… first world problems.

I’ll just…

Bleed on baby…