4/6/18: Dream Update

I see a notification to update my iMac and click to install without reading.

The familiar process bar under the Apple logo takes much longer than I’d anticipated. I’m reminded by a quick flash of memory… this is an update to the operating system so it must be a major one to be taking so long. I watch for a bit longer and then go to lie down.


I’m in an urban apartment somewhere.

Housemates and I are enjoying the place and all it has to offer a cohesive group of smart, productive artists. My vision scans a multitude of projects in progress. Open air spaces look out onto active and interesting cityscapes. I move to a room with futons.

In the arms of a warm lover and then, suddenly alone and looking at several futons near me. Embracing couples look at me with mild curiosity.

I leave the building, dragging my futon. The street is unfamiliar. I move through an overgrown space between two buildings. Past remnants of rusting, half-assembled machines and unidentifiable objects.

On the street I enter a new building on the other side. It’s sign says it is a Brittish-style pub. I enter and am greeted by the owner. He shows me around but there is no one in the rooms that look like a pub. The owner continues the tour and soon we are in a space where many people are doing things I don’t understand. Some appear to be dancing. Similar to hula but also like Capoeira. Other people move in ways seeming to be intended as exercise. They look to be in pain.

I move into an adjacent room that is empty but now, I’m in an old building. The floor is uneven and the room seems like it is falling apart. The only place where it looks safe to place my futon is in front of a door. I open it.

The door opens into nothing… nothing at all.

I sit up on my futon in front of a video screen so large I can’t see the edges. The image is blurred… dark but with the faint outline of a figure.

The black figure moves to me and… through me. I feel a wave of fear.

My body shudders.

I’m in total darkness.


I awaken suddenly and go to my desk. The computer is working fine so I sit down to write.





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