5:50 am
It’s been awhile since I’ve recalled a dream well enough to do this so…

I’m at some kind of event, a party? No… it seems like it’s an art sale or a gallery crawl.
I know I came with someone, perhaps a few people. But we’ve drifted off from each other and I’m alone.

I don’t see any art though.

And now it seems like it isn’t much of a sale either.
It’s more like a ramshackle collection of oddly put together structures and people are just walking around.

Looking uncomfortable.

Parts of the place look like they’re lived-in but not recently.
I wander aimlessly up and down narrow, winding staircases.

Everything seems to have been painted recently, but badly and with a drab, cheap blue-green paint that looks like it was discarded because no one liked the color. Like is was mixed by mistake.

I look in a cabinet and see little more than dust but then
I open a bottom drawer and there’s an empty perfume bottle in the shape of an old car.

Side thought
I had several bottles like that at one time.
Back when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I would get these perfumes for Christmas and birthdays.
I never wore the perfumes but I liked the bottles and kept them for many many years.
I remember I just threw the last of them away when going through the last of the boxes still in my mother’s basement.

Back to the dream
I come upon a small group of people and one of them is obviously one of the people I came with (I have no recollection now if it was someone I know in real life) and they behave as if they don’t know me or just don’t want me around.
They move away as I approach
I start singing All Of Me and move out into an open courtyard which suddenly is there.

People start dancing.

I intentionally sing in a manner that makes it had to dance to.
Drawing out the lyrics a bit too much beyond the rhythm and throwing in off-beat phrases
I sing more and more off, but no one seems to mind and I finish to sincere applause.

Then everything goes back to the uncomfortable norm of before.

I see that there are several small booth-like structures in the courtyard
like you find at the international market in Waikiki.
Only these are badly made and empty.
I start to move one for some reason and I have an odd feeling that it’s my responsibility to take the thing to a shed nearby for storage but then I stop doing this and walk over to a few randomly-spaced tables with people gathered round.

The people don’t seem to be together.
It’s like they are just there, as if they’re at some kind of out-door cafe
but no one has any food or drinks.

I approach one table and I recognize the one person sitting there.
I don’t remember now who, but it’s someone I know and we chat for just a moment but then I suddenly and for no good reason… I extend my hand and with one finger I push over the glass in front of him. He stands as if the contents of the glass got on him but I see no stain or spilled liquid anywhere.

“Was that yours?” I ask. He shakes his head no and I apologize and offer to pay for any damages or at least replace the drink but he just keeps shaking his head no and I awake…

Feeling a bit off but still…