“Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth dude”


“Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth”

“The heck does that mean?”


It was a rare situation
a rare opportunity
He nineteen, me sixty
He needed my help
He was getting more than he’d expected 

The rarely opportune part
in my experience
was for this young a man
to be paying this much attention
to me
and in this way

History (my understanding of it)
becomes more and more relevant
more applicable to my daily life
every day
and my desire to share that understanding
with young people especially
oddly insistant

Funny how I can clearly recall
my own youthful attitude
and Dad’s consternation
on this same topic
and how I’d thought his importunity
more than slightly annoying

Like he was beating a dead horse

I guess now I’m the one
with the (hopefully only slightly)
pummeled pony
thought by some
as long dead and gone
so much so that most o them young-un’s

My sweetheart might also
more than slightly