The rain began sometime yesterday
that dead tree limb
occupying so much of the morning
had long since
been cleared away
an effective distraction indeed
I was on the road without a second
or even first thought in that direction

In my vehicle heading west
my indifference was not to last, however
for although it started without much ado
surreptitiously even
the ubiquitousness of this
particular precipitation
this shedding
of all that water
became all-too-obvious

despite the now-on-everyone’s-mind
nature of the thing
my thing had to be
about taking in the whole picture
I am a professional after all

Into that picture then
came that which became
the one I now post
I like it as much for the composition
as for my surrounding thoughts

If you read this and wonder
If you too
are not quite sure
do please ask
you know how

My sweetheart will of course
hear the whole story
if she hasn’t already