If we were to give the imagination its due in the philosophical systems of the universe, we should find, at their very source, an adjective. Indeed, to those who want to find the essence of a world philosophy, one could give the following advice – look for its adjective.

—- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


I’ve seen it periodically
for a long time now
and it always triggers me
I’m sure that’s the point
the intention

After all…
They are selling something

As I choose to respond to difference
with curiosity rather than judgement
(and this is difference in the extreme
so the challenge here is also such)
and differences in culture
even more so

My search begins

It’s not long-lasting, however
for my queries of those I deem to know
come up wanting
and my online exploration
does little to explain
anything other than

That they are selling something

A brand (Is it attached to identity?)
Some products (is there more to this?)
A world-view (are they trying to be radical or just reactionary?)

I conclude my search
and my interest
with a quote from my friend
who believes this adjective was chosen
with the same intent as any other
of its kind of rebelliousness

“Some day the C-word (and she used to the word)
will be considered cool
a good thing to say.”

Like that which I most lament
when regarding the world today
climate change and extreme weather disruption
all-pervasive toxic pollution
global food and water shortages
ever-expanding extremes in class division
complete corporate domination and control
continued breakdown of social cohesion
general anarchy (of the worst kind)
war without end

The worst of these will peak
after I’m dead

Dead and gone
with memories of my sweetheart
occupying whatever is left
or with whatever might continue

and so very far from…


adjective, filth·i·er, filth·i·est.
foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth;
disgustingly or completely dirty.
vile; vulgar; obscene: filthy language.
contemptibly offensive, vile, or objectionable:
to treat one’s friends in a filthy manner.
(of money) abundantly supplied (often followed by with):
They’re filthy with money.
Yes, I’m not entirely free of the judgements
this adjective triggers in me
So sue me
There was a time when excessive litigation
was seen as a dirty business
Now… ?