My spot
Not movin’
You people there
I don’t care

This little piece of shade
I’ve made
A world of my own

Get that thing
outta my face
Go give the dog a bone

Leave me alone

Yea, I look
Like I’m sleepin’
Go read your book
I feel you creepin’

Don’t even think
You can capture what I am
This cat don’t wink
For the “likes” of you
And your instagram

Make your movies
Eat your whatever
you think that food is

It’s for the best
I’m gonna just
lie here and digest

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Could a been that bird
you heard
no longer in its nest

The dog’s up there
on her lead
if you need

Yea, she’ll be happy
more than snappy
to be on your
sappy online show