8/30/18: New Verse to an Old Song

Up ahead I saw the future
A stretch of barren beach
I knew that I was headed nowhere
The horizon out of reach
So I turned and headed back
I was present in my past
Now and then mere twin directions
The next intersecting the last

—— Loudon Wainwright III (Fresh Fossils 2001)


Walking again.

Like I’d never done before.

Yet… of course I have. I’ve done this so many, many times before. This walk, this walking thing.

This LOVE thing.

I just put the one foot in front of the other and… VIOLA! I’m doing it again.

I love it that this loving walking thing has me in such a state. Combining jumping joy with creative contemplation. These can’t help themselves but co-create and cause this walking, work/play wonderfulness.

Of course the best part, the most wonderful part is that while yes, I’ve done this love walking thing before… I’ve never done it like THIS before. I’ve never been the me I am today, before. This me that knows who I was before.

This me who now looks up ahead to SEE if I’m headed somewhere or not. THIS me, who can go back and forth and off into other directions. Directions I’d have never been aware of otherwise.



The wise other.

Sounds like something.

I just might go and walk along that beach for a while.




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