9/1/18: Naked Day

When you think you’re gonna die yesterday, today is sweet.

—— Harris Yulin as Buddy Dyker in season 2 episode 5 of the Netfiz original series Ozark


I love my life.
I love my friends.
I love my sweetheart.

Everything is sweet today. Looking back, everything could have gone to shit a few days ago (not by me dying but… )

But it didn’t.

And now I’m sitting here, in my little piece of paradise… in peace. Like I’m on a small boat loaded with fresh coconuts, leisurely paddling away from the lagoon where I’d just spent a fine afternoon lying in the sun, doing nothing. A cool breeze flutters through the palms as they sway above the still water. Birds fly away in the distance as the sun sets over the mountain horizon.

I got a bottle of (good enough but an expensive one would be a waste on me) wine. A small container of olives and feta cheese from Safeway because what would have been left of that big jar from Costco would have just sat there in the fridge a few weeks until I just ate them for no good reason other than to not let them go to waste and then I’d feel guilty for doing so.

I got some sharp cheddar for 50% off from the “Manager’s Special” section at Safeway, and instead of paying $4.99 for water crackers, I paid a dollar each for two jalapeño n cheese bagels that I cut up and they are just fine.

So fine…

As are those glorious dried organic figs from Costco.

I got the figs on recommendation by a friend who I ran into there. I was waiting for a sample of some instant pasta dish with chicken and portobello mushroom in a white sauce. As we chatted about old friends, MKP and our new and wonderful respective relationships… my sweetheart called.

My sweetie and I then spent the next hour together, on the phone, commenting on how comfortable it is that we communicate so well. We wondered through the sparsely populated isles where I occasionally made eye contact with another middle-aged man who just smiled at me in recognition…


I’m so happy to be here, recognizing the blessing that is my life.

Now, the wine is gone. The snacks are gone.

I’m a bit woozy but I’ll just nap a bit and then perhaps finish watching another episode of Ozark.

That show is so compelling.


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