9/2/18: Naked Never Ends

We could have all we desire
And a little bit more
A little bit more
We could believe in all that we are
If we knew ourselves
A lot like before

I wish I had more time to spend
And I wish I’d made all my amends

But it never ends

—— Jim Hubbard (It Never Ends 2007)


Earlier this morning I was talking with my sweetheart about yesterday’s post and how it kinda ended a chapter of this fun little creative tool I found (and still find) inside myself. This tool crafted from inspiration directly linked to our budding (and yet long-term and ongoing) relationship.

We then spoke of our day respectively, how fantastic it is that today’s technology makes it so easy to stay as actually connected as we feel. How this helps with our particular challenge of distance. How much we both feel confident that this will work. We then started talking of how to move that forward.

Making it work.

After the call, I put down my book (without reading for now) looked a bit at random online stuff, and took a nap. I awoke thinking of (and even hearing the tune in my head) the above lyrics to this song by a recently departed fellow singer/songwriter I’d known. I remember how much I respected him. I hadn’t known him very well, but we did a few shows together and hung out a bit. I’d always liked him.

I then remembered that I really needed to do my laundry and clean my room and it was looking like I wasn’t going to do any of that now. Or… at least not as much as I’d thought. I remember then thinking of the personal growth I know I’ve experienced over that the last few years and how much I see that as directly correlated with my current happiness. And then I heard those lyrics again.

But it never ends

So I put Jim’s song on, put in a load of laundry and started writing this.

Stay tuned my friends.

Thanks Jim… you were right.

It never ends.



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