The Life of Brian (In the Now)

I love to journal by telling stories. What’s going on in the life of Brian, in the now. Whether it be from stuff that happens at work, while hanging out with friends or while working on other creative projects. Stuff happens that I may just feel a need to interrupt my usual memoir-writing activity, that is this blog’s primary function. I share those stories here.

7/10/19: Better Left Untitled

6:07am Awakened from an intricate dream nearly gone now mostly what remains is feeling cold being shuttled about as tourists in an otherworldly vehicle getting out with the group wading waste-deep through what appears as ice but then everything moves frozen mist and water moving like shadows beautiful I try and get to my camera [...]

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7/4/19: SM Morning Mastications

FB: Post by a musician acquaintance of an event with photos and a description focusing on the food. Instagram: Exact same post by the exact same person I just saw on FB. FB: Advertisement for some iPhone photography equipment by a company I've bought similar equipment from. Instagram: Cool nature selfie of someone I don't [...]

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9/30/19: The Work

There's a job And then there is The work One feeds my stomach One feeds my soul Would be nice if these were one and the same But life lead differently For me My sweetheart understands We are so good for each other. ------ Blessed... m(___)m

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6/26/19: Not Quite Sure

The rain began sometime yesterday that dead tree limb occupying so much of the morning had long since been cleared away an effective distraction indeed I was on the road without a second or even first thought in that direction In my vehicle heading west my indifference was not to last, however for although it [...]

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6/24/19: Not Dead Yet

“Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth dude” “Huh?” “Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth” “The heck does that mean?” ------ It was a rare situation a rare opportunity He nineteen, me sixty He needed my help He was getting more than he'd expected  The rarely opportune part in my experience was for this [...]

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6/22/19: Something Wild This Way Comes

It's like magic sometimes what can be done when creative forces unleashed completely unforced This time it was EXACTLY! what was called forth thus to lay a foundation of proper chaos on which to build something truly wild Inspiring even more than a summary of parts yet to be discovered ------ Blessed... m(___)m

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