8/19/18: Embracing the Dog Day

I hang up the phone (note… we need a new verb for this) and acknowledge the sweetness of connection.
The joy of interaction, intimacy… interdependence.

To relish my morning cup, to read from a favorite book, to repeat some household tasks… the mundane made more than. Get back to the room now. Do some much needed editing. Fans keep the sultry summer air in motion.

The dog days are here for sure.
Roxy agrees.
Never mind Canis Major.
It’s about staying cool.

My inner critic works overtime.
My inner cheerleader is a bit tired.
My inner life coach kicks my proverbial ass.
It’s about the “yes, and” and the “either, or” again.

The theme runs through everything these days.

Yes, I can meet my commitments.
And yes…

Each day has it’s dog.


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